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Get an international driving permit before your travel.

Used ICDL outside the exporting country and to show that the holder has a valid driving license in the town as they are translated into eight languages and has been designed such a way that security men in other countries to read in their own language as they help the traveller in overcoming the difficulties that may face in States which have different driving requirements where they are intended for tourists and licensed by the United Nations body in the road transport agreements and safety and has signed this agreement nearly 180 countries. Driving license was printed to 8 international languages are: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German, English, and Korean. All countries that have signed the United Nations Convention to accept international driving license as an official document and is valid on its territory the countries that were not part of the Convention are also accepted international driving license as a license valid on its territory. The International Driving Permit official translation of your driver's license Arabia

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