About us

The agency Dunia al-Rehlat is known for providing comprehensive tourism services to its clients, which include the following main services:

Leisure Tourism

We offer complete tourism packages for families and individuals, covering destinations worldwide, with a special focus on Europe. We also design tailor-made travel packages and provide Arabic-speaking tour guides. Our aim is to offer the best tourist deals at the most competitive prices. Additionally, we have direct contracts with renowned hotels and provide car rental services in Europe to ensure the best rates. We also offer direct hotel reservations worldwide at the best prices.

Medical Tourism in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is famous for its top-notch medical facilities, thanks to its natural healing resources and extensive expertise in medical treatment, rehabilitation, and weight reduction. In collaboration with medical spa facilities, we arrange medical trips and book suitable clinics based on the patient's condition. For your convenience, we provide Arabic-speaking translators to assist during medical examinations.

Visa Services

With our extensive experience in visa processing and dealing with embassies and consulates, we offer visa services for various countries worldwide, including Schengen, US, and UK visas. Feel free to contact us for assistance in obtaining the required visa, whether you are a Saudi citizen or a resident of Saudi Arabia.

Flight Tickets

We provide comprehensive flight ticket booking and issuance services for destinations worldwide, partnering with various international airlines. We offer competitive prices and exceptional service to meet your travel needs.

Hotel Reservations

Drawing on our extensive experience in tourism and hotel bookings, we are delighted to book the best hotels and apartments for you anywhere in the world at the best prices, ensuring a memorable stay according to your preferences.

Car Rental

We offer car rental services worldwide, as we have contracts with a wide range of leading global car rental companies, providing competitive prices. You can choose from a variety of cars with different sizes and specifications, along with additional services such as full insurance and more.

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